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Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching is the most effective method to stretch adequately in a safe way, while feeling great about it. Our stretch therapists are trained professionals who work within your limits but also push them a bit further, in a safe way. We explain to each client at what level they are in terms of range of motion and muscle flexibility, and with that knowledge, everyone can improve in the regions where needed. This type of controlled and monitored stretching leads to increased mobility, flexibility, and muscle strength over time.

We use a one-on-one stretching method whose main goal is to achieve the best results for our clients and to bring awareness to the body. The name of this method is PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) and it is a combination of passive and isometric stretching and breathing. What distinguishes it from self-stretching is that a therapist trained in this type of treatment, works with you. This achieves the accuracy of the angles at which certain muscles are stretched, safe positions and an adequate pace of stretching. Also, given that we use specially designed stretching beds in our studio, we are able to isolate your muscles and ensure that each session increases your range of motion. Also, we understand that each of our clients is different and has different needs, and for this reason we adapt the techniques to your individual needs, thus ensuring adequate muscle and body relaxation. Eventually, the limit of stretching a muscle will be determined exclusively by you, so there is no possibility of creating unwanted effects of muscle stretching.

After the treatment, you will feel lighter, more mobile, more relaxed, in a better mood, more energetic and ready to continue with your day.


stretch 30min

Choose the upper or lower part of the body, or focus on the desired region that needs more attention, and in agreement with our therapists make the most of the time you have. In a world where every minute counts, we’ve developed a routine that will meet your needs and benefit your body.

1 treatment - 1.990 rsd
5 treatments - 9.000 rsd
10 treatments - 17.000 rsd

Full body
stretch 45min

A full body stretching routine to improve flexibility, blood flow in the muscles, reduce tension on the physical and mental side, improves your abilities and restores energy.

1 treatment - 2.900 rsd
5 treatments - 13.500 rsd
10 treatments - 26.000 rsd

Advanced stretch
Theragun 60min

An advanced stretching routine for the whole body in which we also relax the deep postural muscles with additional stretching positions, thus accelerating the recovery of the muscles while reducing the pains you experience due to imbalances created over the years. In this routine, we also use Theragun, which additionally accelerates muscle recovery, helps with tissue hydration, has a preventive effect on adhesion and reduces inflammation.

1 treatment - 3.600 rsd

5 treatments - 17.250 rsd

10 treatments - 33.500 rsd

Performance stretch
Theragun 80min

A special treatment for top athletes, where we use more time for stretching and therefore get the most out of the musculoskeletal system. A routine created for all people who regularly play sports and for whom recovery and performance improvement are always important!
Together with Theragun, which accelerates your muscle recovery, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, you will become stronger and more prepared for any challenge.

1 treatment - 4.000 rsd
5 treatments - 19.250 rsd
10 treatments - 37.500 rsd