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In addition to assisted stretching, the Stretch Well Center offers a massage service that can be performed as a separate treatment or as a combination with stretching, which creates a new type of recovery.

The goal of our massages is to focus on regions under tension, trigger points and possible pain that can affect a large part of muscle groups, and thus reduce the impact of stress on the body. To go deeper into the muscle tissue and remove mechanical obstacles that are often created due to various influences. Sometimes there is a fear of an intense therapeutic massage, but our goal is a dosed treatment that will recover the tissues and not further irritate them, and our therapists adjust the pressure and strength of the massage individually to each client.

Ultimate recovery treatment

The complete recovery of the body is included in our offer as a wish of our clients, to connect massage with a good stretching. Assisted stretching is an active part, in which the client, together with the therapist who stretches them, participates in certain parts of the stretch. After the active recovery, the massage begins as a passive part, where it is necessary to achieve complete relaxation of the muscles and nervous system.

The recommended options is lower body stretch and upper body massage because stretching alone has a stronger effect on the lower part due to large multi-joint muscles that are prone to large shortening due to a sedentary lifestyle, while the small muscles of the neck and shoulder blades are more effectively recovered by massage because there are more opportunities to approach deeper tissues and trigger points that exist within them. Of course, the possibilities of combinations are always left to you, to listen to your body and convey to us what you need.

By choosing one of the massages or combining these two services, you get a range of benefits that will make your everyday life easier and enable a better quality of life. In addition to all that, positive energy, a smile and a pleasant atmosphere are always waiting for you in our studio, which will always contribute to making you feel even better.


Benefits of massage:

  • It accelerates blood flow resulting in better tissue nutrition which is essential for recovery
  • It accelerates the flow of lymph, which affects better detoxification of the body, thereby reducing inflammatory processes in the muscles
  • Elimination of spasm and pain
  • Elimination of trigger points that disrupt blood flow to a region and muscle mobility itself
  • Relaxation of the nervous system
  • Improves concentration and sleep


Neck fix
15 min

For most people, the neck is the most problematic region that requires special attention, and our short neck massage is here to reduce the feeling of tension. This treatment can be added to any assisted stretching session as an addition for a more intense feeling of relaxation.

700 rsd

Back fix
30 min

The focus of this treatment is on the region made up of a large number of back muscles that every day carry a large amount of load and stress, both mental and physical.

2.200 rsd


Half body fix
45 min

This partial treatment involves a massage of the back, arms, hands and neck when it comes to the upper part, and if your choice is the lower part of the body, the treatment is focused on the legs and feet.

2.900 rsd

Full body fix 60 min

If you feel that your whole body needs recovery, then this is the treatment for you. Each full body massage can be personalized so that the focus is placed on a specific region, but also so that other parts of the body are not neglected.

3.900 rsd

Ultimate recovery 75 min

It involves stretching for 30 minutes, choosing a specific region that is more problematic or desirable for stretching (e.g. upper body, lower body, chest and shoulder region, hips…) and then 45 minutes of partial massage (upper or lower body).

4.200 rsd

Ultimate recovery 90 min

It involves stretching for 45 minutes, which includes stretching the whole body, followed by a 45-minute partial massage, during which the desired part of the body is also selected. Here there is more time dedicated to stretching, which will give a stronger effect and a more complete impression after the treatment.

4.900 rsd