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Just as we are special and unique when it comes to assisted stretching, we dare say that our approach to personal training is also different from the norm. Combining knowledge from the fields of sports, fitness, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as the experience we have, we are able to help you whether it is about improving posture, improving mobility, strengthening muscles, reducing fat, improving the overall cardiovascular condition, as well as preparing for specific sports. In addition to the help we offer you, our goal is to educate, motivate and support you in your decision to commit to your health and achieve your goals.

Before starting with personal training, clients undergo an assessment of health, posture and movement, flexibility, balance, cardio-respiratory fitness, muscle condition, and parameters related to skill (agility, coordination, speed and reactivity) which serves us to collect relevant information. needed to develop an effective exercise program to achieve the client’s goals. Thus, our training programs are tailored to the specific needs of the client, and the entire team is involved to contribute and help the client progress.

Consider purchasing a service package at the Stretch Well Center as an investment in your health, a better future and delaying the aging process.

With our holistic approach and the motivating atmosphere we build with you, we help you on your way to better health and a better feeling in your own body. With joint efforts to better health!


Personal training
45 min

1 training - 2.200 rsd
8 trainings - 15.800 rsd
12 trainings - 21.500 rsd

Personal training
60 min

1 training - 2.800 rsd
8 trainings - 20.500 rsd
12 trainings - 27.900 rsd