Our center offers the option of combining all the treatments we offer. In this way, you can provide yourself a complete care of your body at one place, where the whole team takes care of your mobility, strength and relaxation. Services that you can combine are:

Stretching – it is possible to focus on the most rigid regions or work on the flexibility of all muscles.

Training – may include strength, mobility, improving cardiovascular capacity, agility, posture correction, sports performance training, etc.

Massage – the focus can be on certain painful regions or on the whole body.

Combined packages

Eliminate stress

We like to refer to this package as “body hygiene”. It is something that every individual needs in order to recover from the modern and fast-paced lifestyle.

The contents of this package are 4 Ultimate recovery treatments (massage + stretching) and there are 2 options:

  • Eliminate stress 75, which includes 4 Ultimate recovery treatments which last 75 minutes (30 minutes of stretching followed by 45 minutes massage).
    The price is 15.600 rsd.

  • Eliminate stress 90, which includes 4 Ultimate recovery treatments which last 90 minutes (45 minutes of stretching followed by 45 minutes massage).
    The price is 18.000 rsd.

The package is valid for 30 days.

Move better

This package is for individuals who would like to increase the mobility of their joints and thus the mobility of the whole body, in addition to maintaining their body relaxed. During these treatments, our therapists will pay attention to exactly those regions that need attention and to the extent that it is necessary. In general, every joint needs mobility, but most attention is paid to the hips, spine and shoulders, as crucial factors for general mobility.

The contents of this package are 12 treatments of 45 minutes each, of which:

  • 10 treatments that combine stretching and mobility training


  • 2 massages in order to eliminate trigger points and spasms that limit mobility in certain directions due to pain or tension

The price of the package is 24.200 rsd.
The package is valid for 30 days.


Train better

The goal is to achieve maximum potential, full awareness of the body and commit to it.
The body serves us every day, it takes both physical and psychological stress to overcome all life’s situations, so it should be given the best treatment, and that is exactly what this combination of treatments offers. If you choose this package, you will become stronger, have more endurance, be more flexible, be disciplined but also relaxed.

The contents of this package are 24 treatments, of which:

  • 12 personal training sessions of 60 minutes (within personal training sessions, an individual plan is created for each client depending on their goals and capabilities)


  • 8 stretching sessions of 30 min


  • 4 massages of 45 min

The price of the package is 52.700 rsd.
The package is valid for 30 days.

Assisted stretching

stretch 30min

Choose the upper or lower part of the body, or focus on the desired region that needs more attention, and in agreement with our therapists make the most of the time you have. In a world where every minute counts, we’ve developed a routine that will meet your needs and benefit your body.

1 treatment - 1.990 rsd
5 treatments - 9.000 rsd
10 treatments - 17.000 rsd

Full body
stretch 45min

A full body stretching routine to improve flexibility, blood flow in the muscles, reduce tension on the physical and mental side, improves your abilities and restores energy.

1 treatment - 2.900 rsd
5 treatments - 13.500 rsd
10 treatments - 26.000 rsd

Advanced stretch
Theragun 60min

An advanced stretching routine for the whole body in which we also relax the deep postural muscles with additional stretching positions, thus accelerating the recovery of the muscles while reducing the pains you experience due to imbalances created over the years. In this routine, we also use Theragun, which additionally accelerates muscle recovery, helps with tissue hydration, has a preventive effect on adhesion and reduces inflammation.

1 treatment - 3.600 rsd

5 treatments - 17.250 rsd

10 treatments - 33.500 rsd

Performance stretch
Theragun 80min

A special treatment for top athletes, where we use more time for stretching and therefore get the most out of the musculoskeletal system. A routine created for all people who regularly play sports and for whom recovery and performance improvement are always important!
Together with Theragun, which accelerates your muscle recovery, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, you will become stronger and more prepared for any challenge.

1 treatment - 4.000 rsd
5 treatments - 19.250 rsd
10 treatments - 37.500 rsd
*You can gift our treatments to your loved ones and brighten their day!


Neck fix
15 min

For most people, the neck is the most problematic region that requires special attention, and our short neck massage is here to reduce the feeling of tension. This treatment can be added to any assisted stretching session as an addition for a more intense feeling of relaxation.

700 rsd

Back fix
30 min

The focus of this treatment is on the region made up of a large number of back muscles that every day carry a large amount of load and stress, both mental and physical.

2.200 rsd


Half body fix
45 min

This partial treatment involves a massage of the back, arms, hands and neck when it comes to the upper part, and if your choice is the lower part of the body, the treatment is focused on the legs and feet.

2.900 rsd

Full body fix 60 min

If you feel that your whole body needs recovery, then this is the treatment for you. Each full body massage can be personalized so that the focus is placed on a specific region, but also so that other parts of the body are not neglected.

3.900 rsd

Ultimate recovery 75 min

It involves stretching for 30 minutes, choosing a specific region that is more problematic or desirable for stretching (e.g. upper body, lower body, chest and shoulder region, hips…) and then 45 minutes of partial massage (upper or lower body).

4.200 rsd

Ultimate recovery 90 min

It involves stretching for 45 minutes, which includes stretching the whole body, followed by a 45-minute partial massage, during which the desired part of the body is also selected. Here there is more time dedicated to stretching, which will give a stronger effect and a more complete impression after the treatment.

4.900 rsd

*You can gift our treatments to your loved ones and brighten their day!

Personal Training

Personal training
45 min

1 training - 2.200 rsd
8 trainings - 15.800 rsd
12 trainings - 21.500 rsd

Personal training
60 min

1 training - 2.800 rsd
8 trainings - 20.500 rsd
12 trainings - 27.900 rsd