First Stretching Center in Serbia

Stretch Well Center is made out of team of experts for health and sports science, who believe that everyone deserves a better quality of life.

We decided to take the time to explore and thoroughly examine our fitness routines, recovery and rehabilitation processes. Our findings in our research was that most of us, neglected a crucial part of our routines - stretching. Even though, most of the people know that stretching is an important part of muscle recovery process and it makes us feel and perform better, still it’s not being done enough or at all. 

That is why, we have decided to approach stretching in a professional and specialized way and help people move better and educate them about the importance of it. Besides, stretching activates the deep postural muscles, decreases muscle tension and relieves joint stress. It aids on correcting muscle imbalance which improves overall fitness and helps decrease the risk of injury during exercising and in everyday life.

Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching is the most effective way to get a deep stretch in a safe way, that feels great as you go. Our stretching therapists are trained professionals who are working within your limitations, in a safely matter, while making sure you are progressing. We will explain to you on which level you are when it comes to your range of motion and with that knowledge you will be able to improve in the areas where you need to. This type of controlled and monitored stretching will lead to increased mobility, flexibility and muscle strength with time.

We use one-on-one stretching method which main goal is to get the most effective results for our clients. This method is called PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) and it’s a combination of resistance stretching and breathing. As we use specially designed stretching beds in our studio, we are able to isolate your muscles and ensure that each session takes you further into stretches and increases your range of motion. In addition to this, we understand that each one of our clients is different and with different needs and that’s why we tailor our techniques to your individual needs, making sure to deliver the alignment in your muscles and body.


Improves Mobility and Flexibilty

Ease your movement in everyday activities and increase your range of motion. Move better, increase the quality of life.

Enhance performance

Flexible joint needs less energy for all movements, which allows our body to rationally use the strength that we need during activities.

Improves your posture

Stretching of the lower back, shoulders and chest muscles helps your body to improve imbalance caused by bad posture.

Reduce Tension and Stress

Increase blood circulation in your muscles, which will lead to a better relaxation and further to a better heart health and better functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Reduce the risk of injury

Stretching will reduce resistance of the muscles in any activity. Flexible muscle is less prone to injuries.

Reduce Fatigue and Muscle Pain

Stretching will help you sleep better, it will reduce fatigue, regain your energy levels and reduce the need for any medicaments and other expensive therapies.

Boost your mood

Teach your body to relax and breath properly. You’ll get a better usage of oxygen in your body, increase the sense of relaxation and boost your mood.

Stretch Therapists

Our own Stretch Therapist Training Program is intensive and detailed education which each one of our therapists must pass before starting to work in Stretch Well Centre.

During the training, our therapists must learn everything about the muscular system of the body, physical changes which happen inside of a muscle during the treatment, different flexibility exercises, as well as working with different clients of different ages and body types.

None of the bodies are the same, therefore none of the stretching exercises are the same. One-on-one stretching serves to identify stiff areas of the body and the imbalance that has been created during the years, while adjusting our routine to you specifically.

Maybe you will come to us because of the pain, stiffness or specific areas you want to focus on, but you will always come back and commit yourself to improving your flexibility, because once you feel the freedom that comes with the bigger range of motion and improved flexibility.


You can gift our treatments to someone dear!

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Working Hours

Ponedeljak-Petak: 8:00 – 21:00
Subota: 9:00 –16:00
Nedelja: 9:00 –14:00


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