Stretch Well Center is a unique concept created by a team of health and sports science experts who believe that everyone deserves a better quality of life. We took the time to research and examine exercise, recovery and rehabilitation regimens and came to conclusion that most people neglect one of the key elements for a quality and long life – stretching. Although many people are aware of the benefits of stretching in the process of muscle relaxation and recovery, most people do not stretch enough or at all. That’s why we decided to approach stretching in a professional and specialized way and help as many people as possible to move better, live better and longer lives, and be more resistant to injuries both during exercise and in everyday activities.

Why does Stretch Well exist?

Stretch Well exists because of you. It is inevitable that today’s lifestyle is extremely stressful for our body. Too much tension caused by obligations, deadlines, long meetings and decisions that constantly burden your mind and therefore your body. Preoccupied with the ambition to keep up with everything, often taking care of our body remains somewhere in the last place, which significantly reduces the quality of life. Without the perfect harmony of our organism, none of the goals you set would be possible, so we should maintain that harmony. That’s where we enter the scene!

Stretch Well is here for you, at the beginning of your work week, when it seems that Friday is so far away, as well as at the end of a busy week, when we are here to remove all the harmful products accumulated by a series of stressful days. Our goal is to make your everyday life easier, with better mood and of better quality.

What is our purpose?

The purpose of the Stretch Well Center is to raise awareness of the body and to improve the life of each individual. In our center you will learn to coordinate your muscles and create a connection with them. That connection will allow you to relax more easily and feel every muscle in your body that you didn’t even know existed. It will make your everyday life easier by making movement require much less energy, whether it’s during training or a simple daily activities.

Why are we different?

Stretch Well is not a fitness center, nor is it a physical therapy clinic. Stretch Well is exactly something in between.

Our unique treatment method allows us to fill that gap and that is what differentiates us the most from others.

In addition, we strive to dedicate ourselves to each client individually, whether they are a professional athlete who is active every day, or an individual whose activities are reduced to a sedentary lifestyle. Stretch Well is a place for all ages, from children – who need stretching for growth and development, to the elderly population who want to feel “younger” in their body and increase mobility for many more years.

Our team of expert therapists will make sure that each treatment is carried out according to your abilities and goals and that you leave our center feeling flexible, relaxed and in a good mood.




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George Lambert
George Lambert
Love this place
Dimitrije Nikolic
Dimitrije Nikolic
Super iskustvo! Nakon istezanja, noge lake kao pero
Dejan Stojicic
Dejan Stojicic
When you need well strech Book at strechwell Thank you See you soon
Biljana Sipka
Biljana Sipka
Idem na istezanja plus vezbam sa Milosem. Imaju i uslugu personalnog treninga. Milos je veoma strucan, posvecen i pouzdan. Svi zaposleni su odlicno edukovani i ljubazni. Teretana u okviru koje se nalaze je cista, prostrana i dobro opremljena. Toola preporuka za Stretch-Well 💫
Brankica Saljic Milenkovic
Brankica Saljic Milenkovic
Super mesto, divni zaposleni, puna paznja i posvecenost. Za preporuku.
Maša Štrbac
Maša Štrbac
Divni ljudi i super terapeuti! Obožavam ih❤️


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